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Thank you for visiting! As of December 28, this site will be going offline, but Drs. Foster and Smith will still be providing you with the information and products you need to care for your fuzzy, all gathered in two convenient locations: - ferret products and advice - thousands of searchable articles


Ferret BitesSave on 8 In 1 Ferret Bites Treats for Ferrets

Looking for a stocking stuffer for your ferret or your ferret favorite lover? Look no further! 8 in 1 Ferret Bites Treats are a great choice, and they're 25% off!

Ferret Bites Treats are available in two delicious flavors, chicken and banana-raisin, for a taste sensation your ferrets will love. Low in fiber, these ferret treats are sure to be a hit with even the most discriminating fuzzy.

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As of Sunday, December 28, will be going offline. Thank you for using our site as one of your sources for ferret information!

Drs. Foster and Smith will still offer two websites to answer the ferret questions you have and provide you with the information you need.

The first is the ferret article section on Here you will find product selection guides, training tips, healthcare information, product FAQs, and more.

The second is This recently redesigned and relaunched site features thousands of searchable articles on a variety of pet healthcare topics. You will find ferret hotlines, medical glossaries, emergency care information, first aid information, and a lot more.

Planning for Season Two of Drs. Foster and Smith Faithful Friends syndicated TV show is underway!

Planning for the second season of our fun, family-friendly variety show, Faithful Friends, has begun, with footage being shot in locations around the country. Stay tuned for more updates!

Faithful Friends contains celebrity interviews, questions from everyday pet parents, an Ask the Vet segment, and an Itty Bitty Buddy feature that focuses on smaller household pets. For more information, including segment topics, video clips, and episode newsletters, visit Drs. Foster and Smith.

fall is here!

With fall comes cooler weather, and it's often the time when many ferret owners around the country start to turn on their heat. You may not have considered it before, but this presents a potential risk to your ferrets. Here are a few tips to make your home safe for ferrets when the heat is on.

  • Make sure your ferret's access to all space heaters, baseboard heaters, and radiators is blocked.
  • Check all vents to make sure they are securely fastened down.
  • Avoid turning the heat up too high in your ferret's room. Ferrets are more comfortable with cooler weather than you are, and 75F is too warm for them.
  • If your house gets dry during cooler months while the heater is on, consider using a humidifier to prevent your ferrets from developing dry, cracked, itchy skin.
Fall is also the time when ferrets start to shed their summer coats and grow their plush, thick winter coats. During this time, be sure to give them a hairball remedy regularly and brush them to remove loose hair. Doing these things can prevent life threatening hairballs.


Are you a ferret owner looking for answers to ferret questions? Check out our Ferret FAQ! It covers all sorts of subjects including food choice, toys, bathing, litter training, vaccinations, how to find a qualified ferret veterinarian, bite training and more!

featured articles

Litter Train Your Free Roam Ferret

Allowing your ferret to have the run of your home doesn't mean you have to deal with accidents in every room. Free roam ferrets can be litter trained, and the methods are similar to those you would use for ferrets restricted to only one room. With a little patience and effort, you can train your free roam ferret to use designated toilet areas. ... Read More

Scruffing: Handling Your Ferret as Her Mother Would

Scruffing can be a very effective disciplinary technique, but it also comes in handy in other situations. However, many ferret owners are unsure of how or when to scruff. Below we will discuss what it is, what it does, and when you should use it. ... Read More

Common Behavior Problems and Solutions for Ferrets

There are a number of common ferret behavioral issues that you will probably run into as a ferret owner. These issues can become exasperating, but with a few easy tips, you can successfully rid your ferret of these bad habits. ... Read More

Prednisone Uses & Benefits

Prednisone is one of the most frequently prescribed medicines for ferrets. It is a corticosteroid, and it has a variety of different uses in ferrets, including the treatment of a number of the most common ferret diseases. ... Read More
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